• lunch box car

    Dual Use- Heat food safely on the go

    “The FORABEST Electric Lunch Box comes with a 12V/24V car & truck power cord that allows you to conveniently heat your food while you drive and enjoy a warm meal when you’re ready even on the road. It’s perfect for getaways and long road trips”

  • heated lunch container

    Convenient and accessible for field workers

    Whatever your field work is, the FORABEST electric lunch box saves you precious time during your lunch break. Your meal will be hot and ready when you are. No need to waste time looking for a food outlet if you’re in a remote area or a crowded microwave lounge

  • Portable and helps students eat healthy

    Students will appreciate the convenience of having access to warm healthy food in between classes especially when having to move from lecture to lecture and want to avoid crowded cafeterias on a busy schedule. The FORABEST Electric Lunch Box is also portable and easy to carry

  • Insulated Carry Bag

    The FORABEST Electric Lunch Box comes with a CONVENIENTand elegant insulated CARRY BAG for portability and storage.

  • Convenientely Portable

    Can conveniently be used on the go in your car or truck with the 12/24V cord or anywhere with a 12V outlet.

  • Long Lasting Freshness

    Enjoy fresh health food on the go anywhere when it’s convenient for you, even in your car or truck


Use Instructions

Our lunch box allows for quicker heating due to using the highest quality 50W components with advanced heat distribution

1. Place the Food in the electric lunch box. Attach the appropriate cable (12V/24v power cord for cars/trucks, 110V for home/office)

2. Plugin the correspondent plug. The power indicators light will turn on which means the food is being heated.

3. Once the food reaches the desired temperature (approx. 30-45 mins) disconnect the power cord and enjoy your warm meal.



Forabest was founded with a revolutionary mindset out of necessity and circumstance. Our idea was simple: how do we help families and individuals affordably eat well on the go, especially during these tough times.