Electric Lunch Box with steaming heat: How to Use Electric Lunch Box to heat food?

How to Use Electric Lunch Box

Electric heating boxes are usually made of food grade plastic and stainless steel inner tray. These products have a carrying handle for easy transport. Their main purpose is to heat food and keep it at the right eating temperature. An electric lunch box is powered through a wall socket or car/truck 12V/24V outlet. When you use this product, your food is heated evenly and tastes deliciously hot and moist. Electric lunch boxes come in many different sizes depending on your needs. If you need one for work or school, go for a small size or a shallow container.

Electronic lunch boxes with steaming heat

For office workers, the question of whether to bring their lunch from home or buy it is often one that needs careful consideration. Many choose to bring their meals with them, and that's where the electric lunchbox with steam heating comes in handy. The following are the functions of the electric lunch boxes with steam heating available on the market

  • The heatable lunch box looks exquisite, elegant and lightweight, convenient, and practical to use and carry. The electric lunch box food heater with steam heating works with cyclic heating and takes only 10-20 minutes to heat the rice, which keeps the moisture of the meal to the maximum and makes it warm and delicious. It’s recommended to add a few drops of water to it before heating.
  • The lid of the lunch box with electric heating is equipped with a special ventilation vent to keep the food fresh and most during heating. The steam vent should be opened prior to heating to allow steam to escape and not damage the box from steam build up.
  • The portable electric lunch box should never be placed in a microwave oven. It draws power directly when connected to the power source. It has a wide range of applications and is convenient to use.
  • The electric heating lunch box is made of food-grade, high-temperature resistant PP environmentally friendly material, odourless, healthy, and hygienic.
  • The stainless-steel inner container of the warm lunch box has fast heat transfer, easy to clean, and safe to use. The product design of the food warmer lunch box is functional and it’s fully leak-proof and has a long service life.
  • The electric heated lunch box is designed with removable inner containers that are easy to clean and are safe to use. The smaller inner plastic container has a seal-able li to keep food like salad and fruit separate and fresh.

So you can see that the portable electric lunch box offers the functions of convection heating, health and hygiene, built-in tray, food separation, and odour neutrality. There is a variety of models on the market with multiple functions. Browse the different types and models to see which one fits your needs.

How to use an electric lunch box for cooking rice?

Approximately 45 minutes before the desired lunchtime, wash a small cup of rice and add a cup of water and a chicken stock cube. Pace the lid on top and keep the steam vent closed. Plug in the portable lunch box warmer and push power button as required then wait 30 minutes. Enjoy your hot and fluffy rice bowl.   

Can you cook with the electric lunch box?

Some models can heat to a higher temperature that’s required to cook raw food but those are typically for home/office use only and will not work in a car. These are similar to pressure cookers or steam pots which require much more energy and will take longer. Smaller electric lunch boxes are designed to use an efficient amount of energy to re-heat cooked food on the run, even in your car or truck.

How do you use the Forabest electric lunch box?

The Forabest electrical lunch boxes are known for their innovative and enhanced design that are very practical and easy to use. Plug in lunch box into an 110V/220V or 12V/24V power source and let it do its magic. The Forabest lunch box comes with everything you need to enjoy a hot and delicious meal anywhere, including a handy carry bag and stainless-steel utensils. It will greatly improve your quality of life and all you to eat healthy on a manageable budget. It’s highly recommended whether for yourself, your spouse or as a practical gift that everyone will appreciate. Buy it now!